Power Management


The acpid service for acpid(8) is installed and, if Void was installed from a live image using the local source, will be enabled by default. ACPI events are handled by /etc/acpi/handler.sh, which uses zzz(8) for suspend-to-RAM events.


The elogind service is provided by the elogind package. By default, elogind(8) listens for, and processes, ACPI events related to lid-switch activation and the power, suspend and hibernate keys. This will conflict with the acpid service if it is installed and enabled. Either disable acpid when enabling elogind, or configure elogind to ignore ACPI events in logind.conf(5). There are several configuration options, all starting with the keyword Handle, that should be set to ignore to avoid interfering with acpid.

To run loginctl poweroff and loginctl reboot without root privileges, polkit must be installed.

Power Saving - tlp

Laptop battery life can be extended by using tlp(8). To use it, install the tlp package, and enable the tlp service. Refer to the TLP documentation for details.