15.5. Adding Hosts

Each diskless client must have its own snapshot directory on the NFS server that is used as its read/write file system. The Network Booting Tool can be used to create these snapshot directories.

After completing the steps in Section 15.4 Finish Configuring the Diskless Environment, a window appears to allow hosts to be added for the diskless environment. Click the New button. In the dialog shown in Figure 15-1, provide the following information:

Ignore the Kickstart File option. It is only used for PXE installations.

Figure 15-1. Add Diskless Host

In the existing snapshot/ directory in the diskless directory, a subdirectory is created with the Snapshot name specified as the file name. Then, all of the files listed in snapshot/files and snapshot/files.custom are copied copy from the root/ directory to this new directory.