28.3. Adding a Slave Zone

To add a slave zone (also known as a secondary master), click the New button and select Slave Zone. Enter the domain name for the slave zone in the Domain name text area.

A new window appears, as shown in Figure 28-4, with the following options:

Figure 28-4. Adding a Slave Zone

After configuring the slave zone, click OK to return to the main window as shown in Figure 28-1. Click Save to write the /etc/named.conf configuration file and have the daemon reload the configuration files.

The configuration creates an entry similar to the following in /etc/named.conf:

zone "slave.example.com" {
        type slave;
        file "slave.example.com.zone";
        masters {

The configuration file /var/named/slave.example.com.zone is created by the named service when it downloads the zone data from the master server(s).