29.3. Command Line Version

The Authentication Configuration Tool can also be run as a command line tool with no interface. The command line version can be used in a configuration script or a kickstart script. The authentication options are summarized in Table 29-1.

--enableshadowEnable shadow passwords
--disableshadowDisable shadow passwords
--enablemd5Enable MD5 passwords
--disablemd5Disable MD5 passwords
--enablenisEnable NIS
--disablenisDisable NIS
--nisdomain=<domain>Specify NIS domain
--nisserver=<server>Specify NIS server
--enableldapEnable LDAP for user information
--disableldapDisable LDAP for user information
--enableldaptlsEnable use of TLS with LDAP
--disableldaptlsDisable use of TLS with LDAP
--enableldapauthEnable LDAP for authentication
--disableldapauthDisable LDAP for authentication
--ldapserver=<server>Specify LDAP server
--ldapbasedn=<dn>Specify LDAP base DN
--enablekrb5Enable Kerberos
--disablekrb5Disable Kerberos
--krb5kdc=<kdc>Specify Kerberos KDC
--krb5adminserver=<server>Specify Kerberos administration server
--krb5realm=<realm>Specify Kerberos realm
--enablesmbauthEnable SMB
--disablesmbauthDisable SMB
--smbworkgroup=<workgroup>Specify SMB workgroup
--smbservers=<server>Specify SMB servers
--enablehesiodEnable Hesiod
--disablehesiodDisable Hesiod
--hesiodlhs=<lhs>Specify Hesiod LHS
--hesiodrhs=<rhs>Specify Hesiod RHS
--enablecacheEnable nscd
--disablecacheDisable nscd
--nostartDo not start or stop the portmap, ypbind, or nscd services even if they are configured
--kickstartDo not display the user interface
--probeProbe and display network defaults

Table 29-1. Command Line Options


These options can also be found in the authconfig man page or by typing authconfig --help at a shell prompt.