Appendix C. The GFS Setup Druid

The Red Hat Cluster Suite includes a graphical tool for administrators who are new to Red Hat GFS configuration. The GFS Setup Druid allows administrators to quickly migrate existing Red Hat Cluster Manager cluster systems to Red Hat GFS. The GFS Setup Druid integrates any previously configured cluster nodes and fencing devices from the existing /etc/cluster.xml configuration file. Administrators can then configure any new nodes and fence devices, as well as associate fence devices to nodes for proper power control.


For more detailed information about installation, configuration, and administration of Red Hat GFS, refer to the Red Hat GFS Administrator's Guide.

The GFS Setup Druid can be started by typing redhat-config-gfscluster as root from a shell prompt.

C.1. Cluster Name

After reading the introductory screen describing the functionality of the GFS Setup Druid, click Forward to continue. You are then prompted to type a name for the GFS cluster. You can enter any name that does not contain spaces. (such as Development1 or Engineering_Cluster). Click Forward to continue.

Figure C-1. Cluster Name