B.3. Installation Scenarios

When running Red Hat GFS with Red Hat Cluster Manager, you must take into account certain considerations, according to the following circumstances:

B.3.1. New Installations of Red Hat GFS and Red Hat Cluster Manager

When installing Red Hat GFS and Red Hat Cluster Manager for the first time into a cluster, install and configure Red Hat Cluster Suite before installing and configuring Red Hat GFS. With the Cluster Configuration Tool, you can configure up to 16 nodes — the maximum number of nodes allowed in Red Hat Cluster Manager system.

You can add services and failover domains (and other functions) after initially configuring Red Hat GFS with the GFS Setup Druid.


The only configuration items in Red Hat Cluster that Red Hat GFS or the GFS Setup Druid depend on are setting up Red Hat Cluster Manager members and specifying fence devices.

B.3.2. Adding Red Hat GFS to an Existing Red Hat Cluster Manager Deployment

Adding Red Hat GFS to an existing Red Hat Cluster Manager deployment requires running the Red Hat GFS druid application, GFS Setup Druid (also known as redhat-config-gfscluster). As with the scenario in Section B.3.1 New Installations of Red Hat GFS and Red Hat Cluster Manager, while Red Hat GFS is scalable up to 300 nodes, a Red Hat Cluster Manager limits the total number of nodes in a cluster to 16. Therefore, in this scenario, Red Hat GFS scalability is limited. If the 16-node limit is too small for your deployment, you may want to consider using multiple Red Hat Cluster Manager clusters.