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"A Heavily Commented Linux kernel Source Code"
(Kernel 0.11)

When study a work, its easy to begin with its early types or states. You can benefit from it and doubling your efficiency. This thought cames from the theory of Floyd. Every matter has got its idiosyncrasy formed at "childhood". From the processes of its development, you can understand its nature throughly.

The Inception & Development of Linux also obeys this role.

I have search the infomation about the brewing & starting of Linux all the time on internet. From the first time Linus Toravlds brought his i386sx compatible PC to the release of Linux version 0.99 in 1993. I even simluate the starting periods Linus create Linux 0.01 on Minix-386 system and obtain some importent feeling about it asif I was with Linus when he programing the first kernel.

This ebook (now only in Chinese) was written just at these search period.

NOTE: The book has been published by the China Machine Press. If you feel that its not convenient to read the ebook, then I suggest you buy a paper version of it. The main difference between the ebook and the paper book is that in order to reduce the volume of the book, chapter 14 (experiments) is not included in the paper book. By the way, when reading the other kernel sources, this book can also be used as a reference.

Book Title: A heavily commented Linux kernel Source Code
Author : Jiong Zhao
ISBN : 7-111-14968-8
Publisher : China Machine Press
Date : 2004.9 First press
Words : 668
Pages : 436
Price : 42RMB

You need these basic knowledge below to begin reading:
  1. Intel 80X86 assembly language and relating hardware;
  2. Some experence in language C & assembly;
  3. Basic knowledge about the using of Linux system.
You need at least two main reference books:
  1. M.J. Bach, "The Design of the UNIX Operating System";
  2. Intel, "Intel 80386 Programmer's Reference Manual";

You can download the newest revision book from here.

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