CMS4talks - (FAQ)

What is CMS4talks?
What is CMS4talks not?
What do I need for CMS4talks?
Where Do I get CMS4talks?
Is there a manual for CMS4talks?

What is CMS4talks?

CMS4talks is a small content management system for talks written in LaTeX. It helps You to manage all Your talks written in LaTeX. You can easily create new talks, search within all Your talks, rearange talks, edit slides and export them back to disk.
CMS4talks helps You sharing the same slides among different talks.

What is CMS4talks not?

CMS4talks won't replace Your LaTeX system and it will not enhance Your Layout or other LaTex-related things.

What do I need?

CMS4talks is written in Java and comes in an archive containing all class-files You need. CMS4talks needs properly installed Java runtime environment version 1.4 or higher, als well as a MySQL data base version 4.1 or higher.
You can get them here:
Java download

Where do I get CMS4talks?

You can get it here:

Is there a manual for CMS4talks?

Yes, follow this link.