manyind package for many indexes in LaTeX

Just run latex and makeindex as if there is one index only

The package manyind.sty (version 2019/01/28) provides support for many indexes, leaving all the bookkeeping to LaTeX and makeindex. No extra programs or files are needed. One runs latex and makeindex as if there is just one index. In the main file one puts commands like \setindex{main} to steer the flow. Some features of makeindex do no longer work.

The sample file mindsample.tex explains and illustrates the usage.

After the old fashioned

pdflatex mindsample.tex
makeindex mindsample
pdflatex mindsample.tex
pdflatex mindsample.tex
you should have something like this PDF file.

If you want several indexes with pagerefs you may try \usepackage[multind]{robustindex} instead. See Home page of robustindex.sty

Wilberd van der Kallen