# annee-scolaire Author: Yvon Henel, aka Le TeXnicien de surface ([contact](le.texnicien.de.surface@yvon-henel.fr)) ## LICENCE This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See http://www.ctan.org/license/lppl1.3c for the details of that license. © 2020 Yvon Henel (Le TeXnicien de surface) ## Description of the Package A macro `\anneescolaire` to automatically write academic year (French way) according to the date of compilation day. Two other macros to obtain the beginning calendar year and the ending calendar year of the academic year. A macros to be redefined to change the presentation of the years. ## History * Version 1.6 — 2020-07-29 + Correction of some typos in French documentation + Replacement of obsolete macro `\c_one` + Cleaning of the ins file * Version 1.5 — 2020-04-05 — First public version