Introduction to Evolution

The Evolution package contains an integrated mail, calendar and address book suite.

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Evolution dependencies

Installation of Evolution



Evolution requires Berkeley DB-3.1.17. The details on "why" are in the README file distibuted with the Evolution source code. Evolution links to the library statically, hence this book installs the Berkeley DB-3.1.17 in /opt, which can be removed once Evolution is installed.

Install Berkeley DB-3.1.17 by running the following commands:

cd build_unix &&
../dist/configure --prefix=/opt/db-3.1.17 --enable-compat185 &&
make &&
make install

Install Evolution by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=`pkg-config --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0` \
    --with-db3=/opt/db-3.1.17 --enable-openssl &&
make &&
make install

Optionally, you may remove Berkeley DB-3.1.17 installed above with this command:

rm -rf /opt/db-3.1.17

Command explanations

--enable-compat185: Build support for older database files.

--prefix=/opt/db-3.1.17: This version of the Berkeley Database should not be installed in /usr, as it is only needed for the building of Evolution.

--with-db3=/opt/db-3.1.17: Specify the location where db-3.1.17 is installed.

--enable-openssl: This flag will compile SSL support into Evolution.

--with-openldap: This flag will compile LDAP support into Evolution.


The Evolution package contains evolution.



evolution contains an email, calendar and address book suite.