Introduction to GTK+

The GTK+ package contains GTK+ Libraries. This is useful for creating graphical user interfaces for applications.

Package information

GTK+ dependencies

Installation of GTK+

Install GTK+ by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc &&
make &&
make install

Command explanations

--sysconfdir=/etc: This switch installs the configuration files into /etc instead of /usr/etc.

--enable-gtk-doc: This switch will rebuild the API documentation during the make command.


The GTK+ package contains libgdk_pixbuf-2.0, libgdk-x11-2.0, libgtk-x11-2.0 and libgdk_pixbuf_xlib-2.0 libraries.


GTK+ Libraries

GTK+ Libraries provide the API to implement graphical user interfaces.