This chapter includes applications that create output equivalent to typesetting.


Introduction to TeX

TeX is a typesetting package, able to create documents in a variety of formats. The optional texmfsrc TAR ball contains source code for packages that are contained in the texmf TAR ball, including the docstrip sources.

Installation of TeX

TeX is installed from the source directory (usually /usr/src) and untarring instructions are included below instead of the usual assumption that you have already untarred the package. The source directory should contain the two required packages and the optional package, if desired.

Install TeX by running the following commands:

mkdir -p /usr/share/texmf &&
tar zxvf tetex-src-2.0.2.tar.gz &&
cd tetex-src-2.0.2 &&
gzip -dc ../tetex-texmf-2.0.2.tar.gz \
      | (umask 0; cd /usr/share/texmf; tar xvf -)

If the optional texmf source code TAR ball was downloaded, untar it now:

gzip -dc ../tetex-texmfsrc-2.0.2.tar.gz \
      | (umask 0; cd /usr/share/texmf; tar xvf -)
patch -Np1 -i ../tetex-src-2.0.2-remove-readlink-1.patch &&
./configure --with-x=no --prefix=/usr \
    --without-texinfo   --with-system-ncurses --with-system-zlib \
    --exec-prefix=/usr --bindir=/usr/bin &&
make world &&
texconfig dvips paper letter &&
texconfig font rw


The paper size may be changed to a4, as is used in most countries.

Installation command explanations

gzip -dc ../tetex-texmf-2.0.2.tar.gz \
        | (umask 0; cd /usr/share/texmf; tar xvf -)

Untar the TeX fonts and macro libraries.

--with-x=no: This switch will avoid any XFree86 dependencies. TeX can be compiled with XFree86 support, notably for xdvi. If this is desired, remove this configure option.

--exec-prefix=/usr --bindir=/usr/bin: This switch will ensure that TeX binaries will be installed in /usr/bin.

--without-texinfo: A default LFS installation already has the texinfo package installed; this switch will avoid overwriting it with the included texinfo package.

--with-system-ncurses: This switch specifies using the already installed libncurses library.

--with-system-zlib: LFS Systems starting with version 4.0 have zlib installed as part of the base operating system; this switch avoids building it here.

texconfig dvips paper letter: This command sets the default paper size for TeX.

texconfig font rw: This command specifies writable fonts.


The TeX package contains 125 separate binaries. Please refer to file:///usr/share/texmf/doc/index.html for details, as well as a tour of the expansive TeX documentation.