We are all familiar with the Bourne Again SHell, but there are two other user interfaces that are considered useful modern shells -- the Berkeley Unix C shell and the Korn shell. This chapter installs packages compatible with these additional shell types.


Introduction to ASH

ash is a shell that is the most compliant with the Bourne Shell (not to be confused with Bourne Again SHell i.e., Bash installed in LFS) without any additional features. Bourne Shell is available on most commercial UNIX systems. Hence ash is useful for testing scripts to be sh-compliant. It also has a small memory and space requirements compared to the other sh-compliant shells.

Package information

Installation of ASH

Install ASH by running the following commands:

patch -Np1 -i ../ash-0.4.0-cumulative_fixes-1.patch &&
make &&
install -m 755 sh /bin/ash &&
install -m 644 sh.1 /usr/share/man/man1/ash.1

If you would like to make ash the default sh shell, make a symlink.

ln -sf ash /bin/sh

Configuring ASH

Config files

ASH sources /etc/profile and $HOME/.profile


The ASH package contains ash, a sh compliant shell.



ash is a sh-compliant shell.