xine User Interface-0.9.23

Introduction to xine User Interface

The xine User Interface package contains a user interface for xine. This is useful for controlling the operations of your movie.

Package information

Additional downloads

xine User Interface dependencies


cURL-7.11.2, AAlib-1.4rc5 and LIRC

Installation of xine User Interface

Apply the following patch if you have cURL installed and you wish to utilize it:

patch -Np1 -i ../xine-ui-0.9.23-curl.patch

Install xine User Interface by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr &&
make &&
make install

Configuring xine User Interface

Config files


Configuration Information

The above file is created and maintainable through the xine setup dialog box. The documentation for the configuration settings is located at /usr/share/doc/xine-ui/README.config_en.


The xine User Interface package contains aaxine, fbxine, xine, xine-bugreport, xine-check and xine-remote.



aaxine is an AAlib based frontend for xine Libraries.


xine plays MPEG streams (audio and video), MPEG elementary streams (MP3), MPEG transport streams, Ogg files, AVI files, ASF files, some Quicktime files, VCD's and DVD's (non-encrypted).

xine-bugreport, xine-check

xine-check tests the xine video player installation for common problems. If run as xine-bugreport, it will produce a terse system description and guide you through the process of reporting a bug.


xine-remote is a tool to connect to a xine remote control server.