Introduction to Cdrtools

The Cdrtools package contains CD recording utilities. These are useful for reading, creating or writing (burning) Compact Discs.

Package information

Installation of Cdrtools

Install Cdrtools by running the following commands:

make INS_BASE=/usr DEFINSUSR=root DEFINSGRP=root &&
make INS_BASE=/usr DEFINSUSR=root DEFINSGRP=root install

Command explanations

INS_BASE=/usr: This command moves the install directory from /opt/schily to /usr.

DEFINSUSR=root DEFINSGRP=root: These commands install all programs with root:root ownership instead of the default bin:bin.


The Cdrtools package contains cdrecord, cdda2wav, mkisofs, mkhybrid, readcd, scgcheck, isoinfo, isodump, isovfy, isodebug, devdump, rscsi and support libraries.



cdrecord records audio or data Compact Discs.


cdda2wav dumps Compact Disc audio into WAV sound files.


mkisofs and mkhybrid generate an ISO9660/JOLIET/HFS hybrid file system.


readcd reads or writes Compact Discs.


scgcheck is used to check and verify the Application Binary Interface of libscg.

support utilities

isoinfo, isodump, isovfy, isodebug and devdump are utility programs for dumping and verifying ISO9660 images.


rscsi is a remote SCSI manager.

support libraries

libdeflt, libedc_ecc, libfile, libhfs, libparanoia, librscg, libscg, libschily and libunls are the support libraries for this package.