Welcome to BLFS

The Beyond Linux From Scratch book is designed to carry on from where the LFS book leaves off. But unlike the LFS book, it isn't designed to be followed straight through. Reading the Which sections of the book? part of this chapter should help guide you through the book.

Please read most of this part of the book carefully as it explains quite a few of the conventions we use throughout the book.


We would like to thank the following people and organizations for their contributions toward the BLFS and LFS projects:

  • All those people listed on the Credits page for submitting patches, instructions and corrections to the book. The former editor would especially like to thank Bruce, Larry and Billy for their enormous inputs to the project.

  • Mark Stone <mstone <at> linux.com> for donating the linuxfromscratch.org servers.

  • Gerard Beekmans <gerard <at> linuxfromscratch.org> for starting and writing the vast majority of the LFS project.

  • Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee <higho <at> @linuxfromscratch.org> for answering many questions on IRC, having a great deal of patience and for not killing the former editor for the joke in the original BLFS announcement!

  • DREAMWVR.COM for their ongoing sponsorship by donating various resources to the LFS and related sub projects.

  • Robert Briggs for donating the linuxfromscratch.org and linuxfromscratch.com domain names.

  • Frank Skettino <bkenoah <at> oswd.org> at OSWD for coming up the initial design of the LFS and BLFS websites.

  • Garrett LeSage <garrett <at> linux.com> for creating the LFS banner

  • Jeff Bauman (former co-editor of the book) for his assistance with getting BLFS off the ground.

  • Countless other people on the various LFS and BLFS mailing lists who are making this book happen by giving their suggestions, testing the book and submitting bug reports.