Introduction to Tk

The Tk package contains TCL GUI Toolkit.

Package information

Tk dependencies


X (XFree86-4.4.0 or and Tcl-8.4.6

Installation of Tk

Install Tk by running the following commands:

VERSION=8.4.6 &&
V=`echo $VERSION | cut -d "." -f 1,2` &&
cd unix &&
./configure --prefix=/usr &&
make &&
sed -i "s:${DIR}/unix:/usr/lib:" &&
sed -i "s:${DIR}:/usr/include/tk${V}:" &&
make install &&
install -d /usr/include/tk${V}/unix &&
install -m644 *.h /usr/include/tk${V}/unix/ &&
install -d /usr/include/tk${V}/generic &&
install -m644 ../generic/*.h /usr/include/tk${V}/generic/ &&
rm -f /usr/include/tk${V}/generic/{tk,tkDecls,tkPlatDecls}.h &&
ln -nsf /usr/include/tk${V} /usr/lib/tk${V}/include &&
ln -sf libtk${V}.so /usr/lib/ &&
ln -sf wish${V} /usr/bin/wish

Command explanations

sed -i ...: The Tk package assumes that the source that is used to build Tk is always kept around for compiling packages that depend on Tk. These sed's remove the reference to the build directory and replace them by saner system wide locations.

install ...: These commands install the internal headers into a system-wide location.

ln -sf ...: These commands create compatibility symbolic links.