Introduction to GDBM

The GDBM package contains the GNU Database Manager. This is a disk file format database which stores key/data-pairs in single files. The actual data of any record being stored is indexed by a unique key, which can be retrieved in less time than if it was stored in a text file.

Package information

Installation of GDBM

Install GDBM by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr &&
make &&
make BINOWN=root BINGRP=root install

In addition, you may need to install the DBM and NDBM compatibility headers since some applications look for these older dbm routines.

make BINOWN=root BINGRP=root install-compat

Command explanations

BINOWN=root BINGRP=root: This command changes the file ownership to root instead of the bin user.


The GDBM package contains libgdbm libraries.


gdbm libraries

libgdbm libraries contain functions that perform database routines using extendible hashing.