NFS Utilities-1.0.6

Introduction to nfs-utils

The nfs-utils package contains the userspace server and client tools necessary to use the kernel's nfs-abilities. NFS is a protocol that allows sharing file systems over the network.

Package information

nfs-utils dependencies



Kernel Configuration

Enable the following options in the kernel configuration and recompile the kernel if neccessary:

File systems:
  Network File Systems:
    NFS File System Support: M or Y
    NFS Server Support: M or Y

Select the appropriate sub-options that appear when the above options are selected.

Installation of nfs-utils

Before you compile the program, you need to be sure the "nobody" user and "nogroup" group are available. You can add these with the following commands:

groupadd -g 65534 nogroup &&
useradd -c nobody -d /home -g nogroup -s /bin/bash -u 65534 nobody

Install nfs-utils by running the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc &&
make &&
make install


If your /usr directory is NFS mounted, you should install the executables in /sbin by passing an additional parameter --sbindir=/sbin to the above ./configure command.

Configuring nfs-utils

Server Configutation

/etc/exports contains the exported directories on NFS servers. Refer to the exports manual page for the syntax of this file. Also refer to the NFS HowTo available at on how to configure the servers and clients in a secure manner. For example, for sharing the /home directory over the local network, the following line may be added:


Install the /etc/rc.d/init.d/nfs-server init script included in the blfs-bootscripts-5.1 package to start the server at boot.

make install-nfs-server

Client Configutation

/etc/fstab contains the directories that are to be mounted on the client. Alternately the partitions can be mounted by using the mount command with the proper options. To mount the /home partition, add the following to the /etc/fstab:

<server-name>:/home /home nfs rw 0 0

Install the /etc/rc.d/init.d/nfs-client init script included in the blfs-bootscripts-5.1 package to start the client services at boot.

make install-nfs-client


The nfs-utils package contains getiversion, getkversion, locktest, nlmtest, rpcdebug, rpcgen, exportfs, lockd, mountd, nfsd, nfsstat, nhfsstone, rquotad, showmount, statd



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exportfs maintains a list of NFS exported directories.


lockd is the NFS lock manager.


mountd is the NFS mount daemon which checks client-permissions.


nfsd is the user-space daemon of the NFS service.


nfsstat prints NFS statistics.


nhfsstone is the NFS benchmark program.


rquotad is the remote quota server communicating with the quota client.


showmount shows mount information for an NFS server.


statd is the NFS status monitor which implements the NSM (Network Status Monitor) RPC protocol.