A.5. Managing Files

Konqueror is the file manager and a Web browser for the KDE desktop. Konqueror allows you to configure your KDE desktop, configure your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, play multimedia files, browse digital images, surf the Web, and more from one interface. This section explains some of the ways Konqueror can help you work with and enjoy your Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.

To start Konqueror for file management, click on your home directory icon .

Konqueror opens up in a window on your desktop, allowing you to navigate through your home directory and throughout your Red Hat Enterprise Linux file system. After exploring, you can return to your home directory by clicking the Home button on the toolbar.

Figure A-8. The Konqueror File Manager

You can navigate through the file system by clicking on folders within the main window frame or through the hierarchical file system viewer on the navigation panel as shown in Figure A-8. Files and folders in the main window frame can be moved or copied to another folder or sent to the trash. You can also delete files and folders by right-clicking on the item and choosing Delete.

Konqueror also displays thumbnail icons for text, images, PostScript/PDF files, and Web files. It can also preview sounds from digital audio files.

A.5.1. The Navigation Panel

Another useful feature of Konqueror is the navigation panel. This panel appears on the left side of the Konqueror file browser window by default. The navigation panel makes many of your sytem resources available to you in convenient tabbed icons. Figure A-9 shows the navigation panel.

Figure A-9. Working with the Navigation Panel

The navigation panel lets you access your Web bookmarks, browsing history, network resources, file system, and has a built-in media player for playing multimedia files without having to open a separate application. The navigation panel makes Konqueror an efficient solution for users who want fast and easy access to all of their files and information.