5.2. Web Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

Table 5-1 shows some common keyboard shortcuts available in Mozilla. Keyboard shortcuts can help you efficiently browse the Web.

[Ctrl]-[T]Opens a new tab for browsing multiple websites within one browser window
[Ctrl]-[N]Opens a new browser window
[Ctrl]-[Q]Closes all browser windows and exits the application
[Ctrl]-[L]Moves the cursor to the browser's address field
[Ctrl]-[P]Prints the current displayed webpage or document
[Ctrl]-[right arrow]Moves forward by one link or page
[Ctrl]-[left arrow]Moves backward by one link or page
[Ctrl]-[R]Reloads the current page
[Ctrl]-[H]Opens the browsing history
[Ctrl]-[F]Finds a keyword or string within a page

Table 5-1. Keyboard Shortcuts