Appendix C. Applications

The following table shows some of the Red Hat Linux applications that are available to perform many common tasks. This is not a complete list of all applications available. Applications in between (parentheses) denotes the formal name of the application.

CategoryRecommended ApplicationExtras
Word Writer Calc Impress 
Charts and DiagramsDiaKchart, Kivio, XFig
GraphicsThe GIMPIcon Editor (K Icon Editor)
Image ViewersNautilusEye of Gnome
Digital Cameras/ScannersDigital Camera Tool (gtKam), Scanning (XSane)Scan and OCR Program (Kooka), The GIMP
CD RecordingCD Creator, cdrecord 
Text EditorsText Editor (gedit)nano, vi
Email ClientsEvolutionMozilla Mail, mutt
Web BrowsersMozillaKonquerer links
Chat/Instant MessagingMessaging Client (GAIM)IRC Client (X-Chat), KSirc
PDF/PostScript ViewersxpdfGNOME Ghostviewer
Project ManagementProject Management (MrProject) 
FaxFax Viewer (KFax) 
SoundAudio Player (XMMS), CD Player (GNOME CD), Sound Recorder (GNOME Sound),Volume Control (GNOME Volume Control)Kaboodle, aumix, KDE Sound Mixer, KMid

Table C-1. Applications