10.11. Post-Installation Script

Figure 10-16. Post-Installation Script

You can also add commands to execute on the system after the installation is completed. If the network is properly configured in the kickstart file, the network is enabled, and the script can include commands to access resources on the network. To include a post-installation script, type it in the text area.


Do not include the %post command. It will be added for you.

For example, to change the message of the day for the newly installed system, add the following command to the %post section:

echo "Hackers will be punished!" > /etc/motd


More examples can be found in Section 9.7.1 Examples.

10.11.1. Chroot Environment

To run the post-installation script outside of the chroot environment, click the checkbox next to this option on the top of the Post-Installation window. This is equivalent to the using the --nochroot option in the %post section.

To make any changes to the newly installed file system in the post-installation section outside of the chroot environment, you must prepend the directory name with /mnt/sysimage/.

For example, if you select Run outside of the chroot environment, the previous example needs to be changed to the following:

echo "Hackers will be punished!" > /mnt/sysimage/etc/motd

10.11.2. Use an Interpreter

To specify a scripting language to use to execute the script, select the Use an interpreter option and enter the interpreter in the text box beside it. For example, /usr/bin/python2.2 can be specified for a Python script. This option corresponds to using %post --interpreter /usr/bin/python2.2 in your kickstart file.