E.8. Common Behaviors: Miscellaneous

/etc/cluster.xml no longer exists yet cluster is running

Test Case: rm -f cluster.xml

Expected Behavior: clusvcmgrd recreates /etc/cluster.xml from its cached version.

Verification: Check to see that /etc/cluster.xml is present shortly after testing this action. A log message appears in the system logs.

clurmtabd crashes

Test Case: Kill the clurmtabd daemon.

killall -KILL clurmtabd

Expected Behavior: Since clurmtabd is only spawned during the start phase of a service with NFS exports, it is only checked by a service which has a Check Interval and NFS exports configured. If clurmtabd is not present (and it is configured to be), the check phase of the service returns an error and the service is restarted.

Verification: Consult system logs for a service restart event. The restarts field of the service's status information should be incremented.