4.5. Modifying a Service

You can modify the properties for a service any time after creating the service. For example, you can change the IP address or location of the user script. You can also add more resources (for example, additional file systems or IP addresses) to an existing service. Refer to Section 4.1.1 Gathering Service Information for information.

Using the Cluster Status Tool, first disable, or stop, the service before modifying its properties. If an administrator attempts to modify a running service, a warning dialog displays prompting to stop the service. Refer to Section 4.3 Disabling a Service for instructions on disabling a service.

Because a service is unavailable while being modified, be sure to gather all the necessary service information before disabling it to minimize service down time. In addition, back up the cluster configuration file (/etc/cluster.xml) before modifying a service; refer to Section 8.5 Backing Up and Restoring the Cluster Database.

Use the Cluster Configuration Tool to modify the service properties, then save the configuration by choosing File => Save. After the modifications to the service have been saved, you can restart the service using the Cluster Status Tool to enable the modifications.