7.2. Configuring Shared Storage

To set up the shared file system, perform the following tasks as root on one cluster system:

  1. On a shared disk, use the interactive parted utility to create a partition to use for the document root directory. Note that it is possible to create multiple document root directories on different disk partitions. Refer to Section Partitioning Disks for more information.

  2. Use the mkfs command to create an ext3 file system on the partition you created in the previous step. Specify the drive letter and the partition number. For example:

    mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sde3
  3. Mount the file system that contains the document root directory. For example:

    mount /dev/sde3 /var/www/html

    Do not add this mount information to the /etc/fstab file because only the cluster software can mount and unmount file systems used in a service.

  4. Copy all the required files to the document root directory.

  5. If you have CGI files or other files that must be in different directories or in separate partitions, repeat these steps, as needed.