8.6. Modifying Cluster Event Logging

It is possible to modify the severity level of the events that are logged by the clupowerd, cluquorumd, cluhbd, and clusvcmgrd daemons. This is done so that the daemons on the cluster systems log messages at a user-defined severity level.

Figure 8-4. Cluster Logging Severity Levels

To change a cluster daemon's logging level on all cluster members, use the Cluster Configuration Tool and choose Cluster => Daemon Properties. Specify the daemon using the tabs, and the severity level for each daemon using the pull down menu. The following list defines each severity level:

Note that the cluster logs messages with the designated severity level and also messages of a higher severity. For example, if the severity level for quorum daemon messages is CRIT, then the cluster logs messages for CRIT, ALERT, and EMERG severity levels. Also note that setting the logging level to a low severity level (such as DEBUG) results in large log files over time.