Chapter 13. Configuring the LVS Routers with Piranha Configuration Tool

The Piranha Configuration Tool provides a structured approach to creating the necessary configuration file for a Piranha cluster — /etc/sysconfig/ha/ This chapter describes the basic operation of the Piranha Configuration Tool and how to activate the cluster once configuration is complete.


The configuration file for the LVS cluster follows strict formatting rules. Using the Piranha Configuration Tool is the best way to prevent syntax errors in the and therefore prevent software failures.

13.1. Necessary Software

The piranha-gui service must be running on the primary LVS router to use the Piranha Configuration Tool. To configure the cluster, you minimally need a text-only Web browser, such as links. If you are accessing the LVS router from another machine, you also need an ssh connection to the primary LVS router as the root user.

While configuring the primary LVS router it is a good idea to keep a concurrent ssh connection in a terminal window. This connection provides a secure way to restart pulse and other services, configure network packet filters, and monitor /var/log/messages during trouble shooting.

The next four sections walk through each of the configuration pages of the Piranha Configuration Tool and give instructions on using it to set up the LVS cluster.