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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: September 2, 2003


I will give a public session of my new Strategies for Lightweight Databases class courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania.

The tutorial will start around 6:30 PM and will last until about 10:00, including a 30-minute break in the middle. It will be held in Wu-Chen auditorium on the first floor of the new Melvin and Claire Levine Hall at the University of Pennsylvania. Levine Hall is located at 3330 Walnut Street in Philadelphia.

To reserve a space, please send email to mjd-tpc-practice-lwdb+@plover.com.

Please do circulate this notice to any people or mailing lists that you think might want to see it.

San Diego, California: October 26-27, 2003

Not free

I'll be giving four tutorials at the 17th LISA (Large Installation System Administrator) conference in San Diego in October:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: December, 2003


My annual series of talks at the Philadelphia Area Linux Users' Group continues. I will be speaking on The implementation and internals of the qmail MTA. For directions....



I appear frequently at meetings of Phl.pm in Philadelphia.

Coming Soon to Your Town?

I will speak to any .pm or other user group for free.

All you need to provide is an invitation, a room, and audience, and my minimal travel expenses.

Send me mail to arrange it.

P.S.: People sometimes think I will not want to visit their town because it is too small, too out-of-the-way, or too boring. They are mistaken. I want to visit everywhere.

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